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We understand that many high school teen girls may be reluctant to see their pediatricians for gynecologic issues, and believe this is an optimal time to begin transitioning them into adult gynecologic care. 

Issues these young women face are often similar to those of women years older, but because they are new, may cause more fear. Your daughter may have questions or concerns about her own anatomy, menstrual periods, matters of sexuality, intimacy or just about things she’s heard from friends that may have caused confusion.

We have recently formalized a new service within our practice that models the approach our nurse practitioners have been using for years. Many of our mother’s of teens have brought their daughters in for “The Talk” when entering their Junior or Senior years of high school. This usually includes confidential conversations about current behaviors, and planning for life after high school, whether it involves college or the work force.


Our nurse practitioners offer a candid conversation and advice about the importance and benefits of abstinence first and foremost, but also protecting our young women’s bodies and emotional well being if they have chosen to be or planning on becoming sexually active.

Both our nurse practitioners are often seen as a mentor to these young women, encouraging them to make healthy decisions and to process sensitive topics in a non-judgmental manner. They have a strong desire to help them keep safe in today’s world. They do not just touch on topics related to sex, but also on the many traps our young women will face as they exit high school and life at home. Drinking, drug use, dating, and body image issues are also reviewed.

Finally, our goal is to create a sense of confidence and comfort in interfacing independently with health care providers: From calling for appointments for routine care and urgent care, to following up on ordered tests. We want these young women to feel empowered to obtain appropriate medical care without hesitation. Following visits to our office and while your daughter is away at school or out on her own, we want them to feel comfortable calling our office to ask follow-up questions or any questions they may have where they want to get real life answers.

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